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Summa Summa Summertime


School has been out for a few weeks and soon even the calendar will say it’s officially summer.  So what are we (by we I mean me and my boys) going to do with ourselves.  I am not a super scheduler, however I do believe the day goes better with some sense of routine or flow to the day.  I also want to plan some fun outings but I don’t believe we have to go somewhere everyday just for the sake of saying we went somewhere today.

Swim party for the end of baseball season.

The first couple of days were fine.  The boys were happy to be out of school, we lounged around the house and got the backyard ready for Memorial Day festivities.  That weekend came and went and we found ourselves in this “now what” kind of place.  One thing about kids, if you don’t give them something to do, they will find something to do on their own.  At times I am surprised to walk in a room and find them playing so well together at Bakugan’s or Trio’s.  It makes me proud, as if I somehow arranged this peace treaty between them and it is working for the moment.  However, it seems more often than not, not having something to do means destruction of one kind or another.  It’s pure restlessness.

When I was kid, this would be the moment my mom would yell get outside and find something to do or I will find something for you.  But, we have a pool in the backyard and are paranoid about it.  So if I send the boys outside, I have to follow to ensure their safety, which doesn’t really get them out of my hair.  Of course I could always lay out by the pool and soak up some sun, which is what I usually force myself to do when I send the boys outside.  Then I have to tell my husband I wasn’t able to get anything done inside because the boys were being crazy, again, and I had to go outside with them to let them work off some energy.  Then we, I mean they, are so tired from playing and swimming that they need some rest time.  So we come inside, changed into comfy’s, try to agree on something to watch and have rest time.  They are not going to settle down if I am bustling around the house, so I need to rest with them to keep them quiet.

Camel rides at the Tulsa Zoo with friends.

I try to have something different about each day of the week.  Mondays my son goes to Occupational Therapy and my husband typically takes the boys to a movie or somewhere fun afterward.  Tuesdays are home days.  They go to their granny’s on Wednesday.  Thursday is library day and Friday is shopping or field trip day.  We read books and do a few pages of school work every day.I think we have settled into our summertime groove.  Wake up, eat breakfast, watch TV, do school work, play, snack, watch TV, swim, lunch, swim, rest time then dad will be home soon and it will be his turn to entertain.

Summertime is my favorite time of year.  There is very little we have to do, and very little we choose do.  Down time is good and my boys get to be boys.  They play, fight, eat and sleep.  Pretty much in that order.  We can stay up late, sleep in late, have friends stay the night in the middle of the week, and go days without taking a bath (not me, my boys).  It’s this time of year I am glad I don’t have to work.  This is time spent with my kids that I can’t ever get back and I love it (except for when I don’t.  Lets be real, they can really drive me nuts sometimes.  By the end of July I might be writing a blog about why I am so happy school is starting.  Stay tuned.)