I am a career minded stay-at-home mom.  I never thought I would have the choice not to earn a paycheck nor did I think I would want stay at home.  Never the less, here I am.  It’s been seven years since I “left” the working world, and still find myself making adjustments and at times struggling to define myself without an official title.

One thing I know for sure, I will never regret the choice I made to stay home with my boys.  They are seven and five, and already it feels like the time is going so fast.  I will never say I should have worked more and spent less time at home.  I might say I should have made myself more of a priority, but I think that applies to all moms.  I love this stage with my kids where everything is an adventure and their minds are purely creative.  They haven’t yet developed the boundaries and filters that we adults apply to life.

Speaking of my boys, my oldest has special needs.  I prefer different needs but whatever.  He has ADHD, sensory disorder and strong Asperger traits (I typically refer to him as my Aspie son because it’s easier than giving a long historical explanation).  He is quirky, creative, caring, smart and his own person.  He is in the first grade in a mainstream classroom.   A lot of my inspiration for writing has come from the journey we have been on with him.

I write about other topics as well.  My youngest son is all boy.  I grew up with one sister, so this boy stuff has caught me completely off guard.  Nothing prepared me for this little man.  He is charming, funny, loves to rough house, is girl crazy and very smart.  I occasionally share stories about his ornery ways.  I am also interested in politics, hot topics in the news, social fairness and I can’t leave out mindless (okay trashy) TV.

I hope that you find my writing to be interesting, relatable, witty and at times disagreeable in a respectable way.  I appreciate you taking the time to follow my blog and welcome any comments or questions you might have.

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