True Blood – I’m Hooked


I have been a fan of True Blood since the series began on HBO.  What’s not to like about vampire’s, shape shifter’s, werewolves, fairies and mediums set in the eery town of  Bon Temps, Louisiana.  Because this show is on HBO it seems to have no boundary’s.  It is not for the easily queesy.  Blood, guts and gore are a part of every show.  As well as foul language, nudity, and sex of all kinds.

I never thought I would have a crush on a vampire, but I must admit that I do.  Okay if I am going to put it all out there then I must add a werewolf to that crush list as well.  Bill, a vampire,who has southern charm including an accent that will melt your defenses.  He is kind, gentle and says all the right things.  Eric, also a vampire,  is the bad boy (until this season).  He is arrogant, selfish and sexy.  He stops at nothing to get what or who he wants.  Then there is Alcide, a werewolf, who is a manly man.  He his big, tough, rugged and hot.  A true protector.  Of course, at one time or another, all three of them are fighting for the main character, Sooky.  Sooky (who is not so bad her self) is a fairy and a mind reader whose powers we still don’t seem to understand fully.  She doesn’t seem to either.  Throw in lots of supporting cast with their own uniqueness and you get a tangled and enchanted story line that draws you in and leaves you wanting more.


Alcide - Werewolf

There are only three episodes left this season (season 4) and I am so hoping things start to turn around a bit.  This season has been a little off in my opinion.  It started out with Sooky in fairy land.  It was just strange and didn’t seem to fit in with the ongoing story line.  I don’t care for the fairies or their god mother.  Eric, the bad boy, has been placed under a spell by a possessed witch and has forgotten who he used to be.  So this whole season he has been a wimp and I am finding him less and less appealing.  I am ready for the old Eric to be back.  I prefer Bill with Sooky and there hasn’t been any of that this season.  I do like the direction of Jessica with Jason.  He seems a much better fit for her than Hoyt.  It seems like we have seen more of the werewolves in this season and I like that.  Well, I like Alcide, but not his girlfriend Stacy. There is something about her I just don’t like.


True Blood is one of my favorite shows to watch.  It’s one of the few tv shows my husband and I watch together.  With only a few shows left in this series, I would like to see it get back to the basics.  Vampires fighting over territory and the humans they have fallen for.  I am sure we will be left with an open ending, leaving us hanging on until next season.  Just what will that twist be?  I will for sure be watching over the next few Sundays to find out.

She is one lucky girl!!

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